Tent Camping Safety Tips

For first time campers, camping safety is vital. There are many other considerations to take, but a basic camping safety kit is always a good beginning. In addition to the basics, like a first aid kit, a map and compass, camp stoves or a grill, personal fire-retardant clothes, tools, food and a cooler, campers also need to take into account some specific, specialized camping safety tips.

camping safety

In order to enjoy all the advantages of camping safely, it’s important to follow a few basic campfire safety rules. First, never leave home without a cell phone–just in case you run into trouble. Second, if you have to leave the campsite, do so in a well-lit area with plenty of people around.

Camping is all about having fun. But, for some campers the joy of camping comes with many worries. The most common campground worries for first time campers are fire pits and the proximity to picnic tables. Picnic tables, unfortunately, are fire hazards, too. Because they’re right next to a fire pit, the best way for campers to avoid accidents, both forest fires and accidental ones, is to invest in a quality portable picnic table.

If you’ve never been on a camping trip with children, then you might think that it would be easy to keep kids safe. However, a single mistake–letting your six-year old daughter bring a slinky toy or a football to play with in her tent camping chair can cause a real emergency. If you know children are going on the trip with you, tell them about the danger of toys and games. Teach campers about safety at the store. Make sure that they understand the dangers of leaving the house with fire hazards. And remember that the outdoors can be a really dangerous place to go for the first time.

The key to avoiding accidents and getting through the woods safely rests in your preparedness. It also rests in your attitude. As you shop for camping equipment, look for ways to eliminate common mistakes–such as not locking up your tent when you’re away. Buy a rain gear set, including a rain shell, rain Pants, and a rain jacket that you can’t lose. If you’re going to hike into the woods, pack your sleeping bag separately from your camping gear so you don’t have to carry the same things twice.

One other great camping safety tips is to plan ahead of time. Look for a local sporting good store that offers a sales event where you can buy camping gear at a discounted price. That way, you can find the best deals and purchase all your necessary camping gear in one trip. It’s also a great idea to scout out different sites that you might want to visit while on your trip. Look for lakes, trails, or streams that are open year round.

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