Six Methods of Campfire Cooking

Campfire cooking

Campfire cooking is an incredibly satisfying way to make a meal in the great outdoors. It is also a very practical survival skill to have when traveling or living off-grid because it can allow you to cook even without electricity.

While a lot of people assume that campfire cooking involves just hot dogs and hamburgers, there are actually many different ways to prepare food over a fire. There are six main methods that will allow you to cook all kinds of food over a campfire.

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1. Grilling

This is a classic way to cook over a campfire, and it will give your food that smoky, delicious flavor that you don’t get anywhere else. This is especially popular with hamburgers and hot dogs, but you can also grill chicken and steak.

2. Skewering

This is an incredibly versatile method of cooking over a campfire that can be used to cook all sorts of different types of food. It’s a fun, but slow process that requires lots of fresh fuel from time to time and turning the skewers regularly.

3. Spitting

This method is a little more advanced than the other three, but it still allows you to cook all sorts of different foods over a campfire. This is a great way to get all the meat, fish or vegetables in one spot without having to worry about them burning.

4. S’mores

This camping tradition is often seen as a dessert, but it can be a fantastic meal too. There are a few twists on the classic s’more that you can try out when you’re camping or hiking, like peanut butter cups, peppermint patty s’mores and chocolate-covered marshmallow s’mores.

5. Foil-wrapped meals

There are a few different types of foil-wrapped recipes that you can use when cooking over a campfire. Regardless of which you choose, the important thing is to make sure your meal is cooked through and not too crispy on the outside.

6. Cooking with a skillet

Cast iron cookware is an ideal choice for campfire cooking because it heats evenly and retains the heat well. A heavy, high-sided skillet can be placed over glowing embers and can be used for a variety of dishes.

7. Dutch oven

If you’re interested in baking bread or cakes on camp, a dutch oven is an excellent choice. This cast iron pot comes with a lid, and is designed to be piled with embers in the top to create a camp oven.

Having a good campfire cooking kit can help you to cook your meals with ease, but there are other things you’ll want to consider when camping and backpacking as well. First, you’ll want to make sure that the area where you plan to build your fire is free of burn bans.

Then, you’ll want to be sure that the food you cook is stored in a cool, dry place so it can stay fresh. This will ensure that your food stays safe and does not become contaminated with bacteria or parasites.

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