Is a Sleeping Pad Necessary for Camping?

We’ve been asked many times if  a sleeping pad necessary for camping.  And in our opinion…. YES!

If you want a good nights sleep then you will want a camping sleeping mat (or pad). They provide a thin layer of padding from the bumps, sticks and rock on the ground, but more importantly it will keep you warm from the cold ground.

Are Insulated Sleeping Pads Necessary in the Summer?

It’s not required, but they do make your life much more comfortable. And usually there are a few cooler nights in the summer when you will need it.

The real issue is the heat of your body getting absorbed in the cold ground. An insulated pad will prevent that from happening.

There are different levels of insulation in these camp mats. The higher the level, the more insulation provided. Level 1 has very little insulation while level 5 is the highest (and used for winter camping). For the typical camper, they should chose between 2 and 4.

Here is the link to the best seller on Amazon.

What is the best winter camping sleeping pad?

A camp mat with a Level 5 rating on insulation is required (mandatory) for winter camping.

Is it okay to sleep on the ground when camping?

Absolutely! You can throw a blanket over you and use a rock as a pillow. If you prefer a good night’s sleep, then we recommend a sleeping pad, sleeping bag and camp pillow.

What is the most comfortable thing to sleep on when camping?

A camp cot is great, though I still put a sleeping pad on the cot to ensure that I’m warm. You will also need a good sleeping bag.\


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