Camping Tips For Fall

Camping tips

Camping is a great way to get away from the busyness of our day-to-day lives and connect with nature. The best part is that it’s affordable and a good way to spend quality time with your family. But before you head out, there are some things that you should know so you can enjoy your camping trip to the fullest!

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1. Avoid Disturbing Your Environment

When camping, it’s important to be sensitive to the surroundings you’re in. This means not causing disturbances such as noise, litter or disturbing wildlife. It also means staying out of wildfire zones during fire season and using caution around natural gas or propane.

2. Keep Your Sleeping Bag & Pad Warm

One of the most important fall camping tips is to make sure you have a sleeping bag and pad that is suitable for the climate you are camping in. This will help you stay comfortable and ensure that you wake up feeling refreshed, not shivering!

3. Use a Bivvy Sack to Warm Up Your Bag

A bivvy sack is a small sack that can be used to wrap around your sleeping bag and increase its capacity. It will help you stay warmer by containing your body heat and preventing the ground from absorbing it.

4. Keep Your Tent & Cooking Utensils Clean

A good camping tip is to clean your gear before leaving home. This includes your tent, sleeping bag, cooking supplies and any other items that you’re planning to take with you. This will help you feel at ease about leaving your home behind and will make your life easier while camping.

5. Be Quiet: Campers should be quiet during the day and at night to protect other people and animals from harm. Most campgrounds have set quiet hours during which they expect campers to keep the campfires and lights off, or at least put them out before bed.

6. Don’t Breathe Your Sleeping Bag: This might seem like an obvious one, but many campers breathe into their sleeping bags during the night. This can create humidity in your sleeping bag and will cause it to become damp, which can be uncomfortable.

7. Pack Your Cooler: It is essential to have a cooler when you are camping as it is the only way to keep your food cold. You can buy a soft-sided cooler or you can bring your own hard-sided cooler.

8. Bring Your Own Water: It is always better to have fresh water on hand when you are camping, rather than having to pay for it. If you are going to bring your own water, it is a good idea to filter or boil it before drinking from it.

9. Bring Your Own Cooking Equipment: It is best to prepare meals ahead of time, rather than trying to find a campsite that offers food or having to eat on the go. Then you will be able to make delicious food and save money on the cost of food while camping!

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