Camping Tips

Camping tips

While camping is a great way to spend the summer, you should remember to use proper safety precautions. You should also be aware of possible wildlife encounters. Keeping a distance of at least 25 feet from wildlife can be beneficial. Make sure to avoid feeding animals and dispose of trash in the designated dumpsters at campgrounds.

Setting up your tent properly is an essential step. If you have never set up a tent before, practice your technique at home. This will prevent you from forgetting important details. Getting your tent set up right can make your camping trip more fun. Make sure to take earplugs! If you are going to sleep outside, it is important to wear earplugs.

Bring plenty of toilet paper and biodegradable soap. A toothbrush is also a good idea. A microfiber towel is also handy. You should also make sure to carry hand sanitiser. While you’re at the campsite, you’ll want to keep the area clean and free of germs.

If this is your first camping trip, you might want to consider setting up your tent and camping gear at home first. This way, you can familiarize yourself with the gear and the process. You may even want to borrow some gear from friends or buy second-hand items. It is also helpful to ask for help at the campsite. The camping community is full of helpful people who can answer any questions you might have.

Water is vital for survival in the great outdoors. The farther you get away from civilization, the more water you’ll need. Also, it’s important to remember that drinking water from lakes and ponds can cause serious illness if it’s contaminated. Always carry a day’s worth of water with you and a water purification tablet if you’re planning on getting water from the lake.

Don’t forget to bring your own utensils and kitchenware. It’s also a good idea to pack a biodegradable soap and sponge, and two small wash basins or tubs for cleaning up. You can also pack your kitchen gear into a large plastic bin, but make sure the bin is locked to keep small animals out. If you’re camping in a bear country, you might want to keep food and drinks in bear-proof containers.

If you’re planning to use an outdoor restroom, you should keep your toilet paper in a Ziploc bag and dispose of it after use. Then, make sure to wash your hands to avoid spreading bacteria. Similarly, keep a hand sanitizer near your toilet. A camping checklist can also be helpful.

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