Camping Safety Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe This Summer

Summertime is the best time to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature, but camping safety can be tricky. Although it is close to nature, wild animals and axes can be dangerous if you are not careful. You can enjoy this activity with family and friends by following basic camping safety guidelines. It also helps to know the proper equipment and clothing to wear while you are camping. Here are some tips to keep you and your family safe while camping this summer.

Know your destination before you go camping. Check the weather forecast and pack a weather radio. In case of bad weather, find shelter immediately. Remember, wet clothes lose heat quickly, so make sure to pack a lot of dry clothing and make sure that you keep all your important gear dry. If possible, arrive early so that you can check for potential hazards, such as glass or sharp objects. Also, check the terrain for any poison ivy or large ant beds.

Wild animals are common in the outdoors. While they are not dangerous to humans, they can be unpredictable and aggressive. In case of a confrontation, try to play dead or scream. If you are unsure of the species you may encounter, read up on their behavior and how to protect yourself. If you come across any wild animal, make sure you do not feed it. This will attract them and may lead to a serious injury. Also, make sure you hang food safely away from your tent.

Always check the area you are camping. Mosquitoes and ticks can spread Lyme Disease. Check your clothing for ticks every day to reduce the chances of contracting a disease. When camping, you should also wear long clothes and cover your skin with clothing to keep out ticks. If you are unsure of your skin type, use bug spray to get rid of any mosquitoes that are lurking on your skin. And, remember to wear sunscreen and insect repellent to prevent infections from other insects.

Campfires can easily get out of hand. If not tended carefully, they can result in severe burns. Place campfires away from trees and flammable camping equipment. Using concrete blocks or bricks can serve as fire rings. They contain the fire and create a clean environment. When you are camping with a pet, make sure to keep your pet under close supervision. If you have a dog, make sure to watch it closely.

Insect repellent with DEET is essential for preventing insect bites. You should also wear long-sleeved shirts to avoid attracting stinging insects. Also, avoid wearing colognes and perfumes. Avoid swatting stinging insects as they may get angry and bite. Instead, use gentle motions to repel them. These are some of the camping safety tips for avoiding stinging insects.

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