Camping Meals That You Can Cook Over a Campfire

Campfire cooking

Before you start cooking over a campfire, gauge the heat level. If you’re cooking over coals, you can have two fires to control the heat. If your fire is too hot, you can add ash to diminish the intensity. Then, you can set your cooking platform over a wet log to cook in a cool environment. When cooking over coals, make sure to check the fire often to prevent it from spreading.

You can also try a foil packet wrapped steak and potatoes. For an extra easy meal, place a steak or potatoes on the engine block. For a fun dinner in the woods, try a french toast sandwich. If you like savory meals, try adding some sugar and vanilla extract to the batter. This will make it more enjoyable. Then, place the potatoes on top of the steak and top it with a slice of bread.

The meat that you cook should be stored properly and kept cool. You should also avoid using strong odors that may attract wildlife. Bears, for example, have a keen sense of smell. If you plan to use meat, prepare it before the trip and reheat at your destination. Once it’s cooled, put it into a zip-top bag, label it, and store it in your freezer. You’ll be glad you did.

If you don’t have a Dutch oven, you can use a cast iron skillet or sheet pan to cook a meal. You can also layer the ingredients and cook them in foil packets. To cook a meal over a campfire, make sure to follow all the rules for cooking over coals, and remember to keep an eye on the coals. If you want to make it extra special, add some sauce or cheese.

Besides dinner, you can also cook snacks over a campfire. A delicious snack is cinnamon and sugar donuts. For a kid-friendly meal, try cooking these in a cast iron skillet over the coals. Then, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and roll into a 1 inch-thick-slice. After a few minutes, dip them in chocolate sauce to make a delicious treat. This way, you can get a healthy snack for your campfire.

Another food that you can cook over a fire is oranges. These are a great way to add color and flavor to your meals, and kids will love the smell of burning oranges! Whether you’re cooking for a big family or just a few adults, you can easily cook a tasty meal over a campfire. And remember, safety is paramount. If you’re cooking over a campfire, make sure you use a camp stove or other sturdy cookware.

Another food item that you can cook over a campfire is eggs. The trick to this recipe is to make the eggs just barely cooked. You want the butter to melt and the eggs to be cooked without burning. Once the butter has melted, you can leave the eggs on the fire longer. Then, stir the eggs until they come together. Then, they might not seem done, but the residual heat will cook them perfectly. This method can be used to prepare a wide variety of foods.

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