Camping Meals – Get Closer to Nature While Cooking Over a Campfire

Campfire cooking

One of the best ways to learn about nature while on a camping trip is through campfire cooking. This activity allows you to get close to nature while cooking outdoors, while teaching kids the importance of environmental care and pollution. As cooking over a fire can be unpredictable, it’s helpful to purchase pre-made camping meals. Having these prepared meals ready to go can eliminate the guesswork and allow you to cook multiple meals at once.

To make things even more fun, consider bringing along a camping cookbook. Not only will you get plenty of cooking recipes, but you’ll also learn about essential cooking equipment and gear. One great book to have is The Art of Campfire Cooking by Michael Pollan. This will teach you how to make a number of classic campfire treats and dishes.

Another great resource for preparing meals over a campfire is canned food. Baked beans and chili are easy to prepare by heating canned beans in water and heating them through. Other convenient food items are pita bread and wraps. They’re easy to prepare and can be topped with a wide variety of sandwich toppings.

The secret to successful campfire cooking is to choose simple, easy recipes. Eggs and bacon make a better breakfast than oatmeal, and you can make them in a single pan. You can also cook pasta in a single pot – just remember that cooking water at high altitudes takes longer. Using a camping stove with a propane burner is more efficient than cooking over a fire.

When cooking over a campfire, always check the campfire’s flame. Ensure there are no active flames so the food won’t burn. You can also use a cooking grate or fire rings to cook your food. If you can’t do this, consider buying a tripod cooking stand. These cooking stands make the cooking process easier.

If you don’t want to cook on an open fire, you can always buy a cast-iron skillet or dutch oven. They will keep your food warm while you cook. The dutch oven is also good for baking, and you can even bake cornbread in it. Whether you choose to make a traditional meal or make something new, you will want to buy the best cookware for your needs.

One of the most popular camping recipes is Bannock Bread. This can be eaten for breakfast, dessert, or as a snack. The trick to making Bannock bread is to mix the ingredients by feel – it is all about practice. Using the palm of your hand or the back of your hand is helpful when mixing the ingredients.

Another good dessert to prepare with a campfire is a dump cake or fruit cobbler. These can be prepared in Dutch ovens and cooked on a charcoal briquette fire. You can even make them ahead of time.

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