Camping Meal Plans – Tips For Cooking Over a Campfire

Campfire cooking

Before you start cooking over a campfire, it is important to prepare the fire properly. Small sticks and branches will quickly turn to coals, which are too hot for cooking over. Alternatively, you can use a dutch oven and keep the oil level low to avoid splatters. Be sure to use a sturdy set of tongs to stir the food as it is hot and prone to spreading. Make sure to follow these tips and you’ll be ready to start cooking in no time!

It can be hard to cook over a campfire, but if you know what you’re doing, you can make delicious food quickly and easily. Try a few simple recipes that are easy to prepare but can also be modified for the limited camp kitchen. If you’re cooking on a camping trip, pack more food than you think you’ll need. Listed below are a few of the best recipes for cooking over a campfire.

o Choose healthy, easy-to-prepare foods. Meals can be made with pre-packaged ingredients or prepared meals. You may also want to pack extra snacks – such as dried fruits and jerky – in case you’re short on time. Whether you opt for pre-packaged meals or store-bought items, make sure you bring enough food to feed everyone in your group. Regardless of the weather, everyone will enjoy hot meals near the campfire, and it’s best to prepare meals that everyone will like.

o Make a small fire. A smaller fire will be easier to control the flame and heat, which makes cooking over the fire easy. You can always build it back up again after you’re done. o Get rid of the black film on the pot and pan. This film is common when cooking over a campfire, but you can always use dish soap to clean them. If you don’t have a pot or pan that’s too small, you can prop it on a thick branch instead.

o Bring a cast-iron skillet or dutch oven. You can cook with these, but make sure to use a metal handle instead of a plastic one. A portable propane grill is also a great backup option. o Wear fire-resistant leather gloves. They’re available at home improvement stores and will protect your hands from the hot flames. If you’re really concerned about your hands, you can also take a step in buying a pair of gloves designed for the outdoors.

o Try roasting bananas and sweet potatoes over the campfire. This not only saves space, but also provides healthy and delicious calories. To make the sweet potatoes even more delicious, you can add bacon bits and double cream. Even better, leftovers can be eaten the next day for lunch. Make sure to avoid squashing bananas when transporting them. Otherwise, you might end up with a chocolatey shipwreck over the campfire!

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