Campfire Cooking – Easy Camping Meals For the Whole Family

Campfire cooking can be fun for the whole family. Many foods, like pancakes, oatmeal and eggs, can be cooked over an open fire. Even grilled vegetables are delicious. With just a couple of pots, you can cook a variety of dishes over a campfire.

If you’re going camping with a group, it’s important to make sure there is enough food for everyone in your group. One great idea is to prepare a meal plan. This will ensure you’ll have all the ingredients on hand and it will save you time. Creating a meal plan will also let you know if there’s anything you’ll need to buy before you go.

Depending on the kind of camping you’re doing, you may need a portable camp stove. These stoves are easy to use, especially if you’re traveling with kids. They allow you to control the heat and can be easily packed in a backpack.

Another cooking option is to purchase pre-made meals. There are several options available from companies such as REI. You can make a hot pressed sandwich over a campfire, a shrimp boil, or a chili macaroni casserole.

Besides these three, there are a lot of other easy camping recipes to try. Some of these recipes include one-pan breakfasts, one-pot tacos, kabobs and more. For more ideas, check out the following links.

Beef short rib sandwiches are a great way to feed a large group. These sandwiches combine different kinds of deli meats and cheeses, and they’re simple to make. All you need is six ingredients to make these meaty treats.

Refried beans are another camping recipe that is easy to prepare. The beans can be reheated with cheese and salsa. Or, they can be made into a dipping sauce for tortilla chips. Just be sure to bring plenty of condiments.

Bannock Bread is a popular recipe to try over a campfire. It’s a great snack to bring along, or you can even eat it as a dessert. When you’re ready to eat it, just pull the foil around it and heat it in the fire.

Another simple camping meal is to fry raw meat over a campfire. You can use a barbecue grill or just a campfire grate for this. Be sure to bring your stove and cast iron pan for this.

If you’re bringing raw meat, it’s best to cook it ahead of time. The salt in the cooking process gives the meat a crispy skin and fluffy insides. Once cooked, the meat can be refrigerated and labeled to store.

For more ideas, check out Butter Your Biscuit and Zestuous. Both of these websites offer a variety of kabob recipes, which are perfect for camping. Try making these in a skillet or on a skewer.

Another camping recipe that’s fun for the whole family is grilled breadsticks. Cook these in a cast iron skillet over a campfire. Kids can help add the ingredients to the pan as they cook.

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