Best Rated Heated Camping Chairs – Review

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If you are looking for the best rated heated camping chairs, then you will want to consider a few things. First, you will want to make sure that the chair has a good battery life. Second, you will want to make sure that the chair is capable of holding up to your weight and has a comfortable design. Third, you will want to make sure that the chair is easy to clean. Lastly, you will want to make sure that the chair is affordable. Additionally, you will want to choose a chair that has heaters that are adjustable, so you can customize the warming temperature to your liking.

No more shivering in the cold!  These chairs are perfect for  outdoor camping, sports, beach, lawn and picnics.

We’ve done a ton of research and have narrowed it all down for you to the best heated camping chairs on the market today.

Best Rated Heated Camping Chairs – Our Review

Full Review of the Top  Heated Camping Chairs

Before purchasing a heated camping chair, consider its maximum heat capacity.  Is the heating system sturdy enough to withstand the weight of people and camping gear? Moreover, do you need USB charging? Generally, a heated camping chair should be durable enough to withstand a variety of weights. It should be able to withstand the weight of more than three hundred pounds of people.

A heated chair for camping is ideal if you want to avoid feeling cold or sore muscles at the end of a long day. If you’re spending all day around a campfire, a heated chair will help prevent your tush from getting chilly. Another benefit is the reduced number of blankets you’ll have to pack. You can also keep the battery in the chair, which means you’ll have one less thing to pack.

List of the Top 8!

#1 – Kuma Outdoor Gear Lazy Bear Heated Chair

On a personal note, I own this chair and absolutely love it! 


Durable Fabric – the fabric on this chair is durable, easy to wipe clean and is very stylish.  Having the fabric wrap around the chair prevents the wind from whipping through which helps keep you comfy and warm as well.  If you have a child or dog the hops on your lap, this design is far more comfortable for them and you.

Well Padded – the padding on the seat, back and arms are great.

Weight Capacity – this chair can hold a person up to 350 lbs in weight.

Battery Included – no need to buy an external battery.  This chair comes with a10,000 mAh Power Bank (re-chargable USB battery pack)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Customer Feedback:


    • Love the comfort, love the warmth!  My dog loves it too 🙂
    • Well worth the money.


    • At times, it can be a struggle to get the chair in the bag.  Or perhaps it just me 🙂
    • The heating pad on the seat could be larger.

You can read reviews on Amazon here

#2 – POP Hot Seat Heated Camping Chair


Weight Capacity – this chair can hold a person up to 300 lbs in weight.

The chair provides for 3 reclining positions so that you can make your comfort more enjoyable.

The carry bag is extra large so that you aren’t challenged in getting the chair back inside the bag.

Length of time of keeping you warm – the amount of time that the chair will stay warm all depends on the battery pack you use.  It is recommended to have a minimum 10000 battery which will keep you going for a few hours.  We also recommend that you have an extra battery pack on hand so that when the first charge empties, you can always pug in a fresh one.  It does not automatically turn on when you attach the battery pack, so make sure when you press the button it turns red.

USB Heated – simply plug the chair into any USB batter pack.  Make sure that your battery is fully charged otherwise the chair can’t warm up.

**Does not come with a battery pack – you will need to purchase one to go with your chair.  We recommend this fast charging battery set.

5 Pockets,  &  Cup Holder to make life a little easier.

Customer Feedback:

  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Stays heated for hours
  • Can take it anywhere
  • Heat seat function is easy to use

You can read reviews on Amazon here.

#3 – Terrain Heated Camping Chair


This chair has three heat settings: Low, Medium, and High.  You can select your setting based on how cold it is outside as well as what clothing you are wearing at the time.

How Long with It Stay Warm?

This chair will stay warm up to a maximum of 9 hours if on the low setting.  If kept on medium, it will last 6 hours and will stay hot on high for a maximum of 4 hours without having to be recharged.

Weight Capacity – his chair is made with a durable steel frame and can hold up to 300 pounds of weight.

Heat Zone:  The Terrain has two heat zones, the seat and the lower back area.

Wind and water resistant polyester fabric with polyester padding

Battery can also charge up your phone

Customer Feedback:

All customers love the heat 🙂

Here are a few areas they would like to see improved in the chair:

  • Would like to have fabric wrap around the back and arms to keep the wind out (they should really be using the Kuma chair above)
  • The battery doesn’t seem to last as long as the manufacture states – but still goes for hours.

You can read reviews on Amazon here.

#4 – KingCamp Heavy Duty Heated Chair


Weight Capacity – this chair has a weight limit of 350 lbs.

**Does not come with a battery pack – you will need to purchase one to go with your chair.

Heated both on the seat & back

Adjustable 3 levels of the heat

USB socket adapt to various power banks

Heat quick & last long

Washable: Wipe the chair surface with cloth and let it dry naturally.

Heated Camping chair comes with:

    • Lumbar Support
    • Armrest
    • Travel Bag
    • Side & Back Pockets
    • Cup Holder
    • Cooler

Customer Feedback:

Some people wish that it came with a battery pack, but many don’t mind as they have some at home.

Wish the heating where a bit hotter (though it does depend on how thick your clothes are when sitting in the chair).

You can read reviews on Amazon here.

#5 – Coleman Rechargeable Heated Camp Chair


Weight Capacity –  this chair has a limited weight capacity of 250 lbs.

Battery included – one batter is included with the purchase (lasting 1.5 hours), although they recommend you buying a second one so that you can swap them out so that you can stay outside longer.

4 Heat Settings – this chair offers four different heat settings, although most folks use the high heat to ensure that they feel the warmth.

Cup holder on the left hand side.

Customer Feedback:

It seems that folks either love it or hate it.

Many feel that the chair doesn’t give off enough heat, even on the high setting.

The chair doesn’t get great reviews, but their portable seated cushion does better (though no back heating).  You can check out the heated cushion here.

You can read reviews on Amazon here.

#6 – Sitting Like it’s Hot


Weight Capacity – this chair will hold up to 300 lbs.

Provides 3 levels of conducted heat built into the hot seat and back of the chair.

USB power pack sold separately.

It looks like a smaller version of the Kuma chair 🙂

Customer Feedback:

This is a relatively new chair on the market so we haven’t been able to find much in the way of customer feedback.

You can read reviews on Amazon here.

#7 – Coastrail 3 Temperature Camp Chair


Weight Capacity – The Durable steel tube frame is designed for all-season use and supports up to 300 LBS.

You will love the added insulation as well as the perfect comfort from the soft and durable materials. Made from 100% polyester, the heavy-duty folding camp chair is tough, outdoor rated, and UV resistant for a longer life span.

You will love the convenient side pocket and added back pocket to hold all your essentials.

Cup holder

Customer Feedback:

In addition to getting the heat on the seat, many people who choose this chair do so because of the three different positions that the chair can move in to.  So if you are a person who does not like a straight-back chair, this is a serious consideration for you.

You can read reviews on Amazon here.

#8 – First E Heated Camp Chair


Weight Capacity – this chair will hold up to 330 lbs.

Heated Area – heated camping chair heats up from the bottom of the seat only.

USB Battery – Not included – Simply plug the USB cable into the USB Port of your battery and feel the warmth! Perfect to be used indoors and outdoor sports, lawn, camping, picnics, traveling, hiking, fishing, beach etc.

It takes about 20 mins to heat to 115℉

Waterproof bottom and water-resistant construction to keep you nice and dry when the ground is wet. Allows you to relax in natures surroundings in total comfort during any season.

The durable rust-resistant steel tube frame enhances the stability and comfort of whole chair

The lumbar support is excellent, the arm rests are very comfortable. The arm covers are removable for easy washing if need be.

Customer Feedback:

Love the wider seat.

The heating on the seat works great.  Some would also like to see heating on the back of the chair as well.

You can read reviews on Amazon here.


How Does a Heated Camping Chair Work?

Simply attach a FULLY CHARGED USB battery pack and turn it ON.  You will notice your chair warming up in minutes.  Just remember that the higher the mAh, the longer your chair will remain heated (see below).

Is It Worth Upgrading to a Heated Camping Chair?

Absolutely!!!  Choose one of the chairs above based on weight capacity and comfort.  Now when you add in the heat, you will be able to sit outside longer and in comfort.

No more sitting on a chair where you bum freezes!

Who Should Consider A Heated Camping Chair?

The heated portable chair is Ideal for any outdoor events, beaches, parks, picnics, camping or fishing trips. Stay cozy and watch your favorite football, baseball games or any sports, whether indoors or outdoors.

Where To Get A Battery For A Heated Camping Chair

What Battery Size Do I Need For A Heated Camping Chair?

It is recommended that you choose a USB battery pack that is a minimum of 10,000 so that your camping chair will stay warm for a few hours.

We always suggest that you have two battery packs fully charged so that your second one can be plugged in when the first one dies.

It does not automatically turn on when you attach the battery pack, so make sure when you press the button it turns red.  If the battery you choose and an ON/OFF switch, make sure that you turn it ON 🙂

The higher the mAh, the more expensive the battery – but the longer it will keep your chair running.

Here are a few to consider:

ROMOSS 60000mAh High Capacity Power Bank

Portable Charger 38800mAh


The Benefits of a Heated Chair For Camping

The benefits of a heated chair for camping are not limited to the aforementioned areas, though. These devices can provide a wide range of benefits, including pain relief, comfort, and convenience. Here are four of the most common uses for a heated camping chair.  Hopefully you’ll soon find yourself wishing you had purchased one.


There are many benefits to a heated chair for camping. When the mornings and evenings are chilly, it’s nice to sit outside in the warmth of your chair. They also offer an excellent option for preventing the cold from making their way through to your body. Some heated camping chairs have an automatic shutoff feature so that they do not overheat. Other benefits include extra-large stable feet and adjustable armrests. Some even recline into several positions.

A heated camping chair with a battery will last about two hours on the highest setting.


Heated chairs for camping are a luxurious addition to your campsite.  They are easy to carry, easy to unfold and easy to charge.


The value of a heated chair for camping is not only dependent on its comfort, but also on the design. Some models have cup holders and storage pockets. Some are adjustable and some are not. While they are inexpensive, they can be uncomfortable when the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The Coleman chair, for example, is made to be comfortable and comes with three reclining positions and a removable waist strap. It can also be folded for easy transport and comes with a shoulder bag for carrying it.

Best Heated Camping Chair To Buy

Our favorite heated camping chair is the Kuma Outdoor Gear Lazy Bear Heated Chair

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